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Hey everyone! Welcome to Jetpack Doggo: The endless Jetpack Joyride styled game that doesn't suck! Fly your way through the park that doesn't seem to have an end, while barking and barfing men out of your way!

Made in just three days, this game won 3rd place in the GameIt! Game Jam out of eight submissions!

Install instructions

No installation required! Simply download the .zip file, extract, and double-click Jetpack Doggo (whatever version the game is).exe to play! Be sure to read the message file before playing...


JetpackDoggo-v1.0.zip 2 MB
JetpackDoggo-v1.1.zip 2 MB
JetpackDoggo-v1.2.zip 1 MB
JetpackDoggo-v1.3.zip 1 MB

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